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Student Return

     Tuition Receipt


Credits & Benefits Return

     All of Student plus:


     T5007- Statement of Benefits.


Basic Return

     All of Credit & Benefits plus:

     T4, OAS, CPP, Scholarships,

     Student Interest.


Standard Return

     All of Basic plus:

     Multiple T4s, EI Benefits,

     Pension Income/Splitting,

     Transit Passes, Union Dues.

Typical Return

     All of Standard plus:

     Eligible Dependants, Carrying Charges/Interest,

     Exp. Charitable Donations, HBP/LLP,

     Investment Income, Medical Receipts,

     RRSP Income/Contribution, RRIF Income,

     Support Payments.


Complex Return

     All of Typical plus:

     Capital Gains, Caregiver Amount/Infirm Dependant,

     Child Care Expenses, Clergy Residence,

     Disability, Foreign Income/FTC, Moving Expense,

     Northern Residence, Stock Options, AMT Carryover,

     Loss Carryback, Overseas Tax Credit, Exploration &

     Development Exp. Patnership Income/Losses.


Self Employed/Terminal Return

     All of Complex plus:

     Business Professional/Commission Inc.,

     Farming/Fishing Income, Employment Exp.,

     Rental Income, Deceased Taxpayers.



   *  HST will be added to all fees


   *  Any required bookkeeping will

      be billed at $75.00 per hour


  *  Hourly billing will be in 15 minute



* We have starting rates for each package. For further information, please contact us.

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